Boat rental

For those who like to go alone, we have motor boats that you can drive yourself! Don’t worry, it’s not difficult, you’ll be fine and your family and friends will appreciate a beautiful day. Our team will give you easy instructions when you check in to pick up your boat. We also have a map on board to help you get your bearings! Beautiful Venetian water taxis with our great drivers… the main services are breathtaking guided tours, weddings and events on two luxurious Venetian boats, which can hold twelve passengers each. They are beautifully finished in wood and leather, to give guests a touch of luxury, and as such they are ideal either for special days such as proposals, weddings and anniversaries or to spend a wonderful time with friends or family watching famous villas, villages and views from the water. We also offer scouting and photo shoots on the lake. Refreshments, such as Prosecco and snacks, can be provided at an additional cost. We can take you from your residence or hotel for a romantic lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants on the lake. Our company is based in Varenna, but we can pick you up and drop you off all over the Lake. For information, quotations and reservations, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Boat rental: ok, let's go!